Easy Tappsi, a Cabify app Apk Download – Maps & Navigation Apps

Easy Tappsi, a Cabify app Apk Download – Maps & Navigation Apps

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The description of Easy Tappsi, a Cabify app

Now Easy Tappsi is a Cabify app. From one single app you can get your taxis as usual, as well as other transport services. Ready to ride the city? Download our app and don’t stop moving!

How does our app work?
It’s very simple! When you want to order a taxi or private car, you just need to follow these steps:
1. Download the Cabify app and register.
2. Select how you want to pay: cash, card…whatever’s easiest for you!
3. Tell us where you want to go and how you want to travel: taxi, private car, scooter…
4. Before you ride, we’ll tell you the estimated journey price, so there are no surprises.
5. ¡Let’s go! A taxi will come and collect you.

Is Cabify safe?
Your safety is our priority. That’s why you’ll find various options in the app to give you peace of mind:
– All journeys are identified and registered. You’ll know your taxi and taxi driver’s details before getting in.
– You can share your journey in real time with whoever you want via Whatsapp, SMS…so that they know where you are.
– You can also add a trusted contact who will receive a notification when you arrive at your destination (feature only available in some cities).
What advantages does it have?
Availability: thanks to having more services included, there are more taxis and cars available for you. Thousands of drivers are waiting for you in more than 90 cities across Latin America and Europe.
Personalization: you decide where to go, what category to use and even, if you ride with Cabify, you can select the radio station. Because we know that everyone has a different way of travelling.
Price: our taxis and private cars have very competitive prices. What’s more, we let you know the estimated price before you travel.
Carbon neutral: if you care about the environment, you’ll like this: we offset all the CO2 emissions from Cabify journeys.

In which cities is it available?
You can get around in our taxis and/or with Cabify in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain and Uruguay. See the full list of our cities on our website: cabify.com

Easy Tappsi, a Cabify app 7.8.1 Update

Thanks for using Tappsi! We work hard to make your taxi rides each time better, that’s why we’ve implemented the following improvements:

– For your safety, now your location is being captured, when you add a new credit card.
– Now you get better and more informative messages when there’s an error related to a coupon redemtion.
– Improved phone verification system, now being connected directly to our API and not the SMS platform.

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